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Client Testimonials about Sepulveda Escrow Corporation
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Testimonials About Sepulveda Escrow Corporation

I want to extend my sincere thanks to Melissa and her team at Sepulveda Escrow. Her guidance and help during the escrow of my father in law's was outstanding. There were a number of challenges that we were faced with during the selling of his home. Melissa was instrumental in making sure the process moved smoothly and we were able to accomplish getting my father in law's house sold. She is someone you can depend on and trust to achieve getting your home sale thru escrow and close.
Email Testimonial of Client S. Senft
I have used Melissa for several years for escrows and she never ceases to amaze me. She goes above and beyond what needs to be done to make sure the transaction gets done. I just recently had an escrow that had to close within 4 days, with all of her hard work and dedication she helped make it happen! review by Lynda Magana, Broker
We recently sold a business that ended up getting so complicated it took over two years to complete. Melissa, the manager, was unbelievable throughout the entire process. The buyer delayed escrow numerous times, then cancelled the purchase, then cancelled the cancellation, and we finally got done after splitting the transaction into three different escrows. Melissa was fabulous, honest, patient....what more could I say. I would HIGHLY recommend Sepulveda Escrow for any escrow transactions. You will not find more personalized service, whether via phone or e-mail. Calls and e-mails were always returned punctually and politely. What could have been an extremely disastrous experience turned out to be a great experience, thanks to Melissa and her wonderful staff!! Review by Client M. Goldsman
Melissa did a excellent job at handling my escrow with a challenging seller. She was creative in explaining the process and terms of the escrow so my client was comfortable. Melissa has years of knowledge in escrow which makes the process fluid and allows her to overcome any obstacle we should be faced with. She responded to phone calls and emails in a timely manner. I would recommend Melissa at Sepulveda Escrow to all my clients.
LinkedIn Recommendation by Mike Galiote, Realtor
In an industry where you are only as good as the last loan that you closed, I can say without a doubt that whether you are representing the buyer or the seller in a transaction there are no favoritism with this Awesome Team at Sepulveda Escrow. Their continued professionalism extends to every person involved in the transaction. You never have to worry about your loan NOT closing in a timely manner or with a group of people that don't care about your clients. Melissa and her team had excellent communication skills and always made my buyer and team feel as though they were the most important even though the seller was the one that chose our escrow. This was the best thing that ever happened for us and I plan on using them again for future deals. So thank you Mr. Seller for choosing Sepulveda Escrow and I look forward to working with you all again. Review by Jenn Uyemura, Mortgage Plan

Melissa Motkin is a fantastic asset to have as part of my home selling team and one of the most reliable and hard working people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She has such a positive attitude, and a special way of projecting it upon a person who comes in contact with her and that is a priceless gift. Melissa goes above and beyond and really pulls it together for me and my sellers. She really makes it happen every time. I wish we had her on every transaction! I am looking forward to opening more Escrows with Melissa Motkin.
LinkedIn Recommendation by Reuben Alexander, Realtor

Melissa is very reliable and easy to work with. You'll get personal attention with her that's hard to find elsewhere.
LinkedIn Recommendation by Phil Baron, Realtor

Detailed and Knowledgeable, Melissa takes hand of your transactions, manages just about ever aspect, and doesn't let go till it's closed. She crosses the 'T's and dots the 'I's and most importantly the parties involved find the satisfaction of smooth transaction. Prompt responses and going the extra mile lets you know that Melissa cares about you and your clients. Keep up the great work and we look forward to working with you on the next one!
LinkedIn Recommendation by Jonathan Katz
We would like to thank you and your company for a great job in handling our escrow. You and your company were very detailed and professional. You were also very helpful with your advice in order for us to fulfill our responsibilities in the sale of the restaurant. The entire process was completed in a smooth and timely manner. We appreciate all your work and cooperation.
Email Testimonial of Client G. Hernandez
I wanted to thank you for going wwwwaaayyyyyy beyond the call of duty to assist in closing this transaction. I personally appreciate the time you took in assisting me and my clients to get it closed in a timely manner.
Email Testimonial from Melinda Feldman, Realtor