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Real Estate Escrow

Your real estate escrow can protect you when you sell, purchase or refinance your property. When working with a real estate agent or selling your own property (FOR SALE BY OWNER) an escrow can protect you and your financial interest.

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Business Escrow

A Bulk Sale escrow is also known as a Business Opportunity escrow. It is a transaction opened for the purpose of transferring ownership of a business from the present owner (Seller) to a new owner (Buyer)

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Liquor License Escrow

Liquor license escrows are not like other types of escrows because they cannot close until the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) provides written authorization to the escrow holder.

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Your Escrow and You
This pamphlet explains the escrow process and the various documents involved in an escrow transaction.
Your Escrow And You (PDF)
Bulk Sale Guide
Provides a list of governmental agencies and their requirements to issue permits, licenses and releases.
Bulk Sales Guide (PDF)

Sepulveda Escrow is your Full Service and Independent Escrow Company

Sepulveda Escrow Corporation is committed to providing our Clients with very personal and exceptional service throughout their escrow transaction. Sepulveda Escrow is one of the few escrow companies which offers specialized services in unique types of escrow transactions. We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to handle all Business Opportunity (Bulk Sale) escrows, Liquor License transfers, Hard Money (Private Money) Loan Escrows, Short Sale Escrows and Escrows for the sale of Mobile Homes. We can also assist you with your conventional sale, purchase or refinance of your residential or commercial property.

Serving the community since 1960, Sepulveda Escrow and the Motkin Family have earned a reputation of respect in the Escrow Industry. Our Clients range from individual Home Owners, Business Owners, Real Estate Brokers and Attorneys, who regularly contact our office for guidance and assistance. We are honored to have so many satisfied Clients who return to us time and again when in need of our escrow services.

We at Sepulveda Escrow Corporation care about our Clients and the successful and satisfactory close of their escrows. We invest significant time and attention to ALL parties in a transaction, assuring they understand the terms of their Agreement and Lenders documents for their new loan. We know this is a process which cannot be rushed and we gladly take the time with each and every Client, guiding them through the escrow process and helping them to feel comfortable and confident that all terms are exactly as expected before proceeding to sign any documents. Our Clients appreciate this process and know that we are truly working for their best interest. Our patience and guidance throughout the process also assures them that we are truly acting as a neutral third party.We are confident that you will join our many other satisfied customers who have benefited from our decades of experience in the Escrow Industry. We are also happy to share the wealth of our experience. Please call us today with any questions and for your free consultation or quote.