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Sepulveda Escrow Is a Full-Service Real Estate Escrow Company

We can assist you with all of your real estate transactions. We're experts in all conventional, FHA, Veterans Administration (VA or CALVET), Short Sales, 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange, Sale of Bank Owned Property (REO), Income and Investment Properties, Lease Option to Purchase real estate transactions, and more. Sepulveda Escrow has the experience and the expertise to close your escrow!

About Real Estate Escrow

Whether a Real Estate Agent represents you or you are selling your property by yourself (For Sale By Owner) a real estate escrow is necessary to protect you and your financial interests.

As a Seller or Buyer of Real Estate, an escrow holder shall assist you in drawing the Agreement(s) specifying the terms of the sale and the required documentation for the transfer of ownership of the property. In addition to holding these documents, your escrow holder shall also hold funds as required in the Agreement until such time that all parties complete each and every one of their obligations under the written Agreement. Only when the Seller and Buyer have “performed” will an escrow holder proceed with the closing and the ultimate transfer of ownership to the Buyer and the release of monies to the Seller.

During the escrow process, your escrow officer shall act as an orchestra leader, working in tandem with a Title Insurance Company to confirm Sellers ownership of the property and the condition of Title, which is a very important factor to determine whether the Seller can transfer the property to the Buyer free and clear of all loans, liens and issues. Your escrow officer also works with new Lenders to satisfy various loan conditions to give the Lender the confidence they require to fund their loan and allow the transaction to close.

While working with the Title Insurer and the Banking Institutions are an essential role in the process, throughout the transaction, your escrow officer continuously interacts with a multitude of “players,” all with a role to perform in the transaction; in addition to the Seller and Buyer, there are the Real Estate Agents, Insurance Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Loan Processors, Payoff Lenders and at times even previous owners of the property, who your escrow officer must cooperate with to obtain everything necessary to perform the ultimate goal, the close of escrow.

At Sepulveda Escrow, we have significant experience overcoming possible challenges and obstacles which may arise in a real estate escrow or commercial escrow transaction. When you choose to work with Sepulveda Escrow, you ultimately benefit from our vast experience in the Industry.

Sepulveda Escrow can assist you in the sale of all types of properties;

Residential Escrow

Commercial Escrow

Please ask us to provide you with an estimated closing statement, to assist you in determining your overall costs and estimated proceeds upon the closing of your escrow.

We make YOU a priority and will work diligently towards the close of your transaction.
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